The one with the thunder!

Today I spent the day alone. Kate had her heart procedure done and I stayed home to make sure the kids and dogs were taken care of. So I started Chili this morning.

My first chili crock pot!

Its my first time making chili so I’m super excited about the delicious protein enriched dinner I’m going to have tonight. While that was done early, I drank some coffee and got to cleaning.I ran the dishwasher, put the dishes away, reloaded and ran the dishwasher, did some laundry, bleached and steam mopped the floors, had a protein shake and watched Dr. Who.

I have to admit that I didn’t want to watch Dr. Who after Rose left but my little sister told me that it does get better and since I really came to like Martha and Donna I’m now up to season 5 and watched the end of time and Water on Mars.

I wanted so badly to just go to sleep today since it was a chillier day than it was yesterday and since we live in a valley I knew that once the storm hit it would hit rather hard. I was right. Its thundering and lightening out and while this comforts me because that’s my favorite thing about spring… it also makes me feel incredibly lonely because of being home alone. Odd isn’t it? I value my time alone and got rather a lot accomplished today but at the same time I wish Cory was home for me to cuddle with.

So here I am waiting for either Cory to call or come home, at the same time waiting for Mj to call and let me know that Kate is coming home. The kids went off with their dad and believe it or not he was nice to me… odd again. I also have to throw in a pizza once they are on their way home so Kate has something to eat, because she doesn’t like chili. I might actually throw some potateos in the oven so we can do chili potatoes for dinner if people want. We don’t have cheese or sour cream so it would be rather useless to do so wouldn’t it?

Chuggar is scared of the storm he keeps looking at me to rescue him from the lightening and the thunder. I guess they aren’t for everyone now are they?

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