Bonfire and Jell-O Shots

Last night we had an adult Easter egg hunt/Birthday party for MJ. Not a lot of people came but we had 200 Jell-O shots and the people that were here had a good time. I managed to take a lot of pictures before I got too drunk. I used my phone because expensive DSLR cameras never mix with alcohol.

  See that? That is two glow sticks linked together around my neck, two necklaces total. This makes me so happy because I’ve been loosing more weight I was slightly tipsy when that picture was taken. We did the egg hunt, and built a good fire. I grabbed a blanket and went out and sat by the fire. For the first time I was the cold girl shivering because of it being cool. Usually I would have been the roasting heavy girl. But hey loose enough weight and anything is possible. It still blows my mind that I am now the same size as my former high school best friend, and smaller than some of my high school classmates. I’m now smaller than my Mom and most of my friends. This is honestly a first for me. I’m not the biggest girl in the room anymore. I just need to remember that more.

Today I took Mom home since she came last night and then went to T-town to get my snake. I missed Wilma I’ll be honest but at the same time I knew that winter weather of Pennsylvania would have killed a Ball Python. She’s just eaten so she can’t be handled for a few days at least to let her get used to her environment. I did my weekly pill box for the morning, noon, and night pills.  My allergy medication is thankfully working well enough to keep me from itching so much. That’s made for a Happy Karyn so far.

I’m so tired because of the jell-o shots yesterday and staying up too late. I feel so old saying that a nice night in is worth more than a night of drinking. I had fun, but I’m beat! I can’t believe I’d gotten to the point in my life where partying like a red neck rock star would tire me the hell out! But I’m happy and my weigh in this morning made me happier! I got my period early and mind you I am very bloated and swollen from that but my new low is 221 lbs! WOOHOOOO

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