My name is Karyn, and I support the right to marry whomever you wish.

You see, there’s this thing about rights, they shouldn’t be voted on, that’s why they are called rights. (I love that facebook sign.) I was raised in a Mormon household where we were taught that being gay is wrong, yet we were also taught to love one another as Jesus loved us. I left the church and began to explore Paganism and witchcraft. That fit more to me and my personal beliefs.
Here’s the thing, I read the Bible and no where does it say that man kind should be passing judgement on others. It does however say in the book of Matthew to “Judge not Lest ye be judged” And again in the New Testiment, to take the log out of thine own eye before condeming the twig in your brother’s eye. It also says in the Old testiment to not wear blended fabrics, eat pork or bacon or seafood, to not shop on Sundays or watch football or even do anything besides rest and pray. It also says several times over that tithing has to be paid…
The point is that if you’re going to follow the book,follow the entire damn book or it becomes useless. You don’t put something together and pick the parts you want to follow, because you end up with a defective item and something that will not work. You can choose your religion, you can’t choose whom you fall in love with, its not that simple. The soul of the person is who you’re falling in love with,the encasing shouldn’t matter.
All of the politions are imperfect human beings and to make them think they have the right to meddle in the closets of America and tell the gay people, who by the way make the closets pretty, and tell them that they can’t marry because its against religionous beliefs.
There’s flaws in that:
Separation of church and state, America was set up as a democracy not a theocracy ergo religion has no part in the lawmaking process, and shouldn’t.
We had a present cheat on his wife, breaking the comandment that says “Thou salt not commit adultry” was impeached but was still a damn good president, and half the congressman are gamblers, cheaters, and of course liars.

According to the same book they are defending the religious beliefs of anti gay marriage, also says that lawyers and politions are going to hell.

The government should not have any right to tell you who you can and can not marry based on religious terms because you get a license from a judge, a court house, etc not from a church. Handfasting in the state of PA is not a reconized marriage cerimony, yet people get around that all the time. How would these politions feel if the LBGT community were to poke around and drag their skeletons out of the closets and put them on display. Also, if you cheated on your S.O you could get put to death.
Stay out of my closets dear congress and we’ll stay out of yours.

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