My gastric bypass story

I keep getting questions about what started this weight loss journey,and what caused me to have such a life changing surgery to the point where its taken up most of my life. I’ve been a chunky kid all my life. My mom read in a woman’s article when I was around 14 or so that there was something called PCOS that caused obesity, extensive hair, ovarian cysts etc. I fit most of the critiera and she made the appointment and made me go. It was confirmed that not only did I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome but I also had insulin resistence. That made my body think it was in starvation mode all the time and stored the food into fat. I was put on metaformin and a low carb diet, and that didn’t help. I went through years of being bullied because of my weight, depression and I’d had enough. At around 266 I wanted the surgery SO bad but I couldn’t because my insurance wouldn’t cover it. So up in weight I went, no matter what I did I was in constant agony, I never weighed myself during those fat years but I was pretty sure that I was over 400 lbs. All I would do is sit around, eat, sleep, blog because that’s all I could do. I lost around 80 lbs before getting to that point and went to disney world, where I was in pain, and it woke me up to realize that I would die if I didn’t loose the weight. My healthy BMI for my 5’2 height is 136 lbs. I was that at age 12. I began to beg my doctor, and she finally said ok. Well she never made the appointment and after awhile, and her forgetting to tell me that I had sleep apnea, I went to a new PCP and during one of the first visits I demanded to be sent down to Danville PA to their hospital so I could start the process for bariactric surgery. I’d done the research for two years prior, read Jenn’s blog and saw how awesome she was doing and I was ready, desperate and scared. My first appointment was in August and I weighed in at 345 lbs. I was told that I had to do 6 months of monthly appointments,weight ins and had to loose 32 lbs before my surgery. I was put on a 2 week long semi liquid diet towards the end and a three week long one right before. I was so hungry, I wanted to eat but I just had soups at hands and drank appletini water and suffered. I went to several nurtrional classes, read the weight loss book and had the binder. I had to go through a mental health evaluation and I didn’t think I would get the surgery but I was green lighted by everything and got my surgery date of May 18th 2012. Going into the surgery was scary. I had to pee in a cup to confirm I was not with child, *eye roll* and was told to get undressed and put on this nifty purple paper gown and my mother held my hand while they gave me anti anxiety meds, and the other IV meds. I remember crying going into surgery because I was scared. I thought that if I died, no one would be able to take my dog. I remembered that well. I also had to pee really bad because they waiting so long for me to go in, and when I cam out I was blissfully drugged and still had to pee but I couldn’t find my legs enough to ask to do so. Around 4 am the nurse came by for checks and I begged her to let me go to the bathroom to pee. She gave me my morphine pump, which I pushed, then rolled out of bed to go to the bathroom. BTW going pee when you have an IV stand is like having a tail. The first few months went by and I was at a stage 2 diet aka protien shakes an such. I was so scared I had them in tea saucers until I went back for my check up. I passed with flying colors and was upgraded to state 3 which were softer foods. Only that wasn’t so easy. I was throwing up constantly very afraid that I would rip an internal stich and never be able to eat again. I did learn to eat again and was upped to stage 4 solid foods. That was fun to have to learn how to eat all over again. Chew the hell out of the food, or it will get caught, don’t drink with your food it ends badly, and if that’s not enough, no carbs, starches, ruffage etc. Protein is a must. All in all I really don’t regret having the surgery done. I’ve lost 121 lbs according to myfitnesspal but really its around 127 because I didn’t give them the updated weight from the doctor’s office. I’m now the smallest I’ve ever been at 224 lbs, well since high school. I can’t wear rings because they fall off, including my high school class ring. I’ve learned a lot about myself and about who and what I want the world to see me as and who and what I am. I’m actually pretty happy.

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