Winter WonderHELL

Whom ever ordered this winter wonderhell needs to take it back. Yesterday I woke up to no snow, but Cory’s back had gone out so he stayed home from work, and just tried to keep off his feet because of the back problems. Well Kate and I were at the kitchen table and we heard the phone ring, and announce the area’s school district called to tell us that the schools would be let let out 12:15 PM and we would have to be at the bus stop at 12:45 PM and when I went to get the kids, it was snowing pretty bad, when Kate, Mj, and Thing 2 went down for Mj’s dentist appointment and for Thing 2 to get herr 5 below gift card, it was getting worse. I was so scatter brained yesterday that I ended up cooking dinner really early, because the kids were home from school so its time to cook! Right? Um no. Too early.
Anyway, so they made it home ok, and Cory kept having me text Kate the none driver of the group to see if they were alright. They brought me home a children’s dish set to help with my portion control and they are all OWLS! ZOMG! LOVE! I can’t stress enough how much I adore owls and that made me smile.
I was dicking around online and my phone rings, and its my best friend from college, Smeagle. So we talked for awhile and Cory kissed me goodnight that he was going to go up stairs to bed and at least try to sleep. It didn’t work and he was awake watching How its Made, or Modern Marvels. I really like those shows so I curled up in bed and started to watch them too. And we talked. It was nice because we haven’t really talked a lot because his work schedule is so hectic. It was nice, because we are talking more and more.
I woke up this morning and grabbed coffee, some tylenol and Kate gave me some peppermint oil for my headache and so far its getting better, but the snow is still outside, and here it is spring.
I’d like to hunt down that damn Phil character and give him a peice of my mind for giving us false hope of early spring.  🙁 So everyone is sore, achy and we just want warm weather!

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