Oh lord how I have missed having a keyboard! I’ve been using my tablet, and since its a full touch screen and the hand writing apps are not as accurate as we thought it would be, aka I’m getting the hang of it. So I ordered a great keyboard thats blue tooth and rechargeable so its ‘green’ as well as just plain awesome. The only thing I have to get used too is the fact that its a tiny keyboard. :(But I will get used to it. Its not like  I have a choice right now lol.
Cory and I spent a lot of the day yesterday alone, and we had a good day, we talked we cuddled and we just really spent quality time together, enjoying the quiet child free home. I really couldn’t have asked for a better day really.  I saw my cousin and we caught up and just chilled for a little bit. My insecurities went out the window yesterday because Cory and I talked, really talked. I’m very happy with my life now.
Oh and something gastric bypass doctors will not tell you is that you can get skin infections due to the loose skin. Ask me I’m going through it now. But its healing nicely and nothing compared to what poor Jenn went throught but its still a pain.
With that being said  I am off here for now. Toodles!

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2 thoughts on “Keyboard!!!

  1. Yay for a keyboard!

    Skin infections suck (I’ve never had one myself though, whew!), but on the “bright” side… if you keep getting them, they would most likely qualify you for insurance coverage for loose skin removal.

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