New Kitteh

My dear friend,Kim has a grand daughter who lives with her, because well the economy around here stinks. The rent is higher here than in New York City. Said Grand baby is allergic to the kittens that she got from a friend of hers. Well because she new we were looking for kittens, and she needed kittens that were to be rescued and put into good homes. So enter me!

Photo on 3-13-13 at 8.10 AM

Meet: Zoey GreyCat. Who is now sitting behind me in the small of my back on the chair. She’s a long haired fluffy kitty about 4 months old and for now an inside cat. She’s got an appointment to be spayed May 31st along with her sister, whom we also adopted. (Well Mj adopted her.) Zoey wouldn’t come out of the bedroom for the longest time yesterday, and today she’s out and about and while she kissing at the cats she’s getting better.

Also? The Peel app for the Android tablet works for JVC TVs so last night while Cory was trying to figure out what to watch I was setting it up changing the channels and turning it off and on and he was like WTF? Kate and I are going to program the living room TV so when the boys are in there we can change stuff on them. Bwahahahaha.

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