Yard clean up, cook out YUM!

Yesterday instead of it being a lazy Sunday, the family got together and did work son! Too cheesy? Ok my bad. Ok so back story, Cory and Kate are cousins and together they are maintaining the gamily homestead, aka, Gram’s House. So Kate, her husband Mj and I have been friends for a very long time. I’ve known Cory for years, and we started dating in January. This was kind of Kate’s fault, because she and I were texting and it was hey come down Cory is single, you’re single .. bwahaha.

So the rest is history, Cory and I hit it off, Mj is still a pain in the ass at times, but its typical Mj. Well the yard needed spring cleaning and since we live in the middle of no were and it was warm enough to walk around comfortably in a hoodie we ALL went outside, Kate, Mj, The Twins, Cory and myself and we picked up all the toys, trash, various sticks etc. Whatever needed to be burned and taken care of we did. I kind of wanted to get out my camera, but we were doing some serious yard maintenance for our soon to be garden etc, I didn’t want to be the ‘lazy’ one and not work. So work we all did.

After most of the yard work was done and the boys decided to build a fire pit near the house that we could cook on (we have a huge cooker out back, but that’s for parties and family get togethers.) and we decided to cook marinated pork chops and pouch potatoes  which I was scoffed at for never having. At girls camp we always did pouch meals, but never just potatoes. Well Cory put Dill seasoning in one and those were my favorite, and I’m not a fan of dill. Of course I could only have a few bites of potatoes because of how small my stomach is, but it was good all the same. The pork chops were amazing and I’ve come to realize that not only is everything better with rum… but when its cooked on a fire its good. Period. (Better with Rum is a family joke.. Really.)

While the boys were building the fire pit Kate, her daughter and I went out and sorted the cloths that needed to be washed by person. I found my jeans, thank God, (I have two pairs of jeans right now that fit.) and a bunch of other stuffs. We also figured out a system that blankets were going in last and the cloths by person were going in. So that’s getting done slowly but surely. I can’t wait for all the laundry to get caught up. Mostly because once it is caught up, and we keep it maintained, life gets easier.

All in all it was a good day. Now I’m going to get off here shower and finish the laundry up as fast as I can. Because the washer is finally fixed.

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