I made bread!

So my housemates have this bread machine and we were trying to figure out how we are gonna be able to get bread and then it dawned on us DUH we have the bread machine. I however have never made bread, let alone made it in a bread machine. So I looked up a good recipe online for a bread machine ready recipe and I found one! So I put everything into the bread maker and I let it run over night. I woke up this morning to morning lovins and bread!

540993_694376722044_1811841558_n Does anyone else get the irony of my being so excited about bread? Well if you haven’t been around long here’s why, I’m not supposed to EAT bread because of the Gastric Bypass. It never sits well, carb dumping is a real issue for me, and I’m still excited over my home made bread skills.

In other news, we got the two male dogs fixed a few weeks back and while they are still trying to do the I’m alpha male thing, they are doing a lot better and even getting more cute. I’m not sure how that is possible because they are pretty cute.  See? Look how adorable they are? Just like book ends, guarding the front door. Saturday (yesterday) was spent cleaning. Kate did the bathroom, I did the kitchen, did my nails, did about three loads of laundry and of course, when I get my nails ALL done and looking good… I have to pee.
dog WTF is it with me having to pee every time. I go before and it never effing fails. *sigh*

I also made a sign last night to hang above Cory’s and my bed. It says ‘Always Kiss me Goodnight’ and I burned the letters with a burner, and painted with silver glitter nail polish a moon around the ‘d’ in ‘Goodnight’ and lips in the corner. It turned out pretty awesome. I’m going to hang it above the bed today at some point. Mostly today is going to be spent outside cleaning up the yard, the burn pile and getting the garden ready for next year. I’m sooo excited for the garden. I can’t wait for zucchini! Zucchini bread! Muffins! Joy!
I’m so excited for spring and summer. Shorts! New Cloths! Oh wait… crap. I am going to need all new summer shorts, all new summer dresses … oh well. Mall here I come.

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2 thoughts on “I made bread!

  1. Wow you made bread? That’s freakin awesome. I love DIY. Plus you can make bread that actually as nutritive value. I actually think that’s awesome, I need one of those.

    Where did you get the idea to hang “Always Kiss Me Goodnight?” The reason I ask is because I recently read a book called “Maybe This Time” by Jennifer Crusie and one of the characters had that. I had never heard of that before then. Is that a popular thing?

    Wow that must be exciting. You’ll get to start shopping for your new body. It’s like Christmas Day times a thousand.
    Congrats again 😉


  2. Homemade bread is the best. 🙂 For me, bread issues aren’t so much about carb dumping (corn muffins and cereal do that to me), but about wadding… yet oddly enough, I can handle small bites of homemade bread.

    Dammit, now you have me itching to go throw some ingredients in my bread machine for homemade bread! I wonder if my laziness will prevail, though…at this moment I have no urge to get up. 😉

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