Epic day is epic…

Epic in what way… this I’m unsure of. Kate and I went grocery shopping this morning, and by morning I mean we got coffee at the local gas station and went on our merry way to the Country Store to get meat, and then to SAMS club to get the rest of our month of foodly goods. Everything went fine. I called on the way home to confirm my eye doctor’s appointment and to make sure I had the correct time, what amount of time the appt took because we had two kids that needed getting off the bus. The gentlemen I talked with said that I had the correct time and that he’d see me then.

We get up there and find out that my appointment wasn’t at 2 o’clock like he said, but an hour earlier at one. I had no phone call, no nothing to remind me and had updated all of my information with the office prior to the appointment and called at 9:41 am to confirm. Needless to say I wasn’t happy. I live in the middle of no where and its 14+ miles to this town to the eye doctor’s office. It would have saved me time and gas money to just go to Williamsport.

I’m also in need of a new PCP because mine is an hour away, and while I like the doctor, I also know that it wouldn’t be worth keeping him. I’m so run down lately that all I want to do is sleep. I’m not concerned that this is a depressive state (bipolar disorder is a bitch.) because I’m happy. And what’s more is that I’m more focused and on the ball than usual.

Kate and I are doing a checks and balance system with the children. Both of her kids have ADHD among other health issues and so far its working out well. Mind you its only Day 2, and we are also trying to get the house cleaned up and thankfully now that the part we needed for the washer is here so I can start the laundry. All of the adult housemates are pitching in, so it shouldn’t take too long. Good thing too because I had to buy new underwear because of shrinking out of mine, and those are saving me from  having to go comando! First the dryer breaks, and then the washing machine. I’m telling you we’re cursed. But thankfully that should be taken care of tonight.

I’m so excited for food tonight, very high protein meal, home made mac and cheese and ham loaf. I’ve never had ham loaf but it smells wonderful. I got a bit over stimulated earlier so I just stuck on the headphones turned up the music and tried my hardest to focus. It worked and I feel much calmer. I also found a meditation app that plays a thunderstorm and rain. Score! Nothing relaxes me more than the sound of rain. Now if I could just figure out how to be able to smell the rain as well, I’d be set.

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