New Mattress and other shenanigans!

Yesterday, Kate and I were both excited because Aaron’s was being delivered. My mattress and her fridge. Well they came several hours early which was nice, we weren’t expecting them until around 3-5 or later and we were both itching to get things installed and figured out. So we drank our coffee and hit the floor running, literally. She had a doctor’s appointment in Canton area and I stayed behind to clean up a bit. I managed to do most of it so we could do the heavier stuff together. (Like move a fridge on wheels.)

Aaron’s came and took the plastic off the mattress and told me that it was standard that a cover was on the mattress and it was sooo soft I almost wanted to sleep on it. It was firmer than I had imagined but hey it was also cold as balls outside. What can you do? So they brought in the fridge (which is a Samsung) and put it to power cool so our food wouldn’t go bad. Then we got to talking that the mattress being a memory foam mattress wasn’t going to have to wait for the guys to take it up later. So off we went to put the mattress upstairs.

We got it upstairs no problem, got the brand new bed in a bag on it, no problems. Went to sleep last night and Cory and I started to fool around. (Second night in a row, score!) Well we were getting damn hear close to being done and he lost is balance and fell out of bed, hard. So needless to say that ruined that moment. He woke up this morning pretty sore and I’m hoping that he didn’t do too much damage. I felt so bad, I still do.

Then this morning I woke up to a child violently banging on the drums. It was terrible. Seriously, I wanted to get out of bed, take the drum set into my and Cory’s room and tell said child that he lost all drum privileges because of his rude 6 am stick session. So I came down stairs rather stumbly because hey it wast first thing in the am and I hadn’t had coffee yet. So I made some coffee for myself and Cory and off the kids went to school.

School, this school district makes no sense, I’m sure the kids are going to have half a day today because the weather is supposed to get really bad.  Eff you mother nature, we’ve had enough of your winter wonderhell we want spring and flowers and new pretty animals!

Speaking of animals, tomorrow Kate and I are getting two kittens from a friend who’s grand baby is very, life threatening allergic to the cats, and we’ve already got an appointment to get them spayed like good little pet owners we are. (Thank god for the $40 program at the no kill sanctuary.)I’m changing the name of mine however, because Smokey just isn’t my style and they are young enough that it wouldn’t be a problem. I’m so excited because I also get my eyes checked tomorrow which means that I can order new glasses and some colored contacts from Fresh Look. I’m thinking green, lavender and blue. Just to change things up a bit you know? Maybe a pair of sunglasses that are my prescription.

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2 thoughts on “New Mattress and other shenanigans!

  1. Congrats on your new goodies from Aaron’s. 🙂 I think there is one that is semi-local to us, and I’ve mentally filed it in the back of my mind in case something blows up or falls apart, lol.

    I’m LOLing over Cory falling out of bed during naughty time… I “overshot” Dan last month and almost fell off the other side of the bed. I would have if he hadn’t have grabbed hold of me. Nothing says sexy like being a spazz!

    And congrats on your kitties! I can’t wait to see pics! 🙂

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