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I got my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 on Friday when I got paid, well Saturday was spent going shopping at a local Rescue worker’s (is it just me or is everything there way over priced for a 2nd hand store?) and then me getting ready to go to a friend of Cory’s birthday party. We has ribs there and a few beers. I tried to make sure I only had one in the span of a few hours because gastric bypass + beer = tipsy Karyn. I also spent a lot of time personalizing the Tab, before the party. After the party Cory and I came home and while he was fine, I was pretty toasted. And there was some dude sitting at the kitchen table I hadn’t met yet!

Soon after we got home, and I figured out that said drunk dude was a brother to a the kid’s Dad (and a few really drunken sarcastic comments from me.) I went upstairs with Cory and passed out on his chest, with his arm around me. It was nice… until I woke up and realized that my glasses were still firmly in place and the light was on. So I got up turned off the light, put my classes on the table and zonked back out.

Sunday rolls around and I wake up with the goal to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS in the bedroom. So off I went after about three cups of half calf coffee, and went about my merry way getting the kids to clean not only their rooms, but to clean and move stuff around in my and Cory’s room. Soon after I was finished I began to notice that I was hurting pretty bad, sore, congested and my head and stomach just ached. I also tried to update my blog from the Tab 2 and that was a epic fail. Mostly because I wasn’t feeling well. I have no patience for when I’m not feeling good. I fell asleep soon after dinner was eaten on the couch and got up when Cory went to bed. He tucked me into bed, with his arm around me and said he was sorry I wasn’t feeling well.

Today? I woke up still feeling run down but I just feel better than yesterday. Don’t ask me what was going on to be honest, I’m at a loss. Went up to Canton and I asked the doctor if my insurance covered my glasses, they said no just the exam. So they aren’t going to like me very much when I say to them I can’t afford your prices I’m going to Zenni or Coastal. At that place the last time I went there the glasses were $230 at Zenni they were $72. That’s a huge difference. Just saying.

So we got to the eye doctor and the nurse storms in half way through the questions to tell Kate (it was her appointment.) that the office hadn’t yet signed on with the new insurance plans that are replacing the old ones and that unless she had X amount of money she needed to GTFO basically. The guy was very nice and said that he would personally call to set up a new exam. I thought the nurse was rude but that’s just me.

So we came home and changed into Pj’s because it is a lazy kinda day. Only the dogs got into the garbage and we had to take that out and burn it. The dogs are not even a year old yet Elk Hound/Lab mix (they both look like the dog from Full House, Comet.) so needless to say they get into everything. And I do mean everything. So we had to get the garbage from yesterday’s epic clean all the things out that didn’t go out last night. And of course Tiny was jumping up to my waist telling me she has to pee and go outside and SNIFF ALL THE THINGS as a terrier is known to do. So off Kate and I went to get garbage burned.

I also figured out that its cheaper for me to get contacts than glasses, however I’m going to end up getting both. I want to get colored contacts because I’ve wanted them for so long and for so long I was told I couldn’t because I have astigmatism. (Did I spell that right? I’m assuming so because I didn’t get a red swqiggle.)

I also downloaded and started to re-read 50 Shades of Grey. Yup, I’m that bored. Really, I am.

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