Yes I gave my dog a mohawk

Yesterday on one of the breaks that I took, I decided that Tiny aka Almost Dog, needed a hair trim around her face. This is because she was starting to get the eye boogies, as well as looking like she was getting a cold. So her sweater went back on and her face and around her ears got trimmed. She’s got this curly poof of hair and I trimmed it up to make it look like a mohawk.


Cory came home last night with strawberry tarts, they were amazing and basically everything I’ve been craving. For some reason I just got into a funk last night and I couldn’t tell you why, or even how the funk started. I almost cried talking to Mj about things, and when Cory came home he reached for me as I was walking back to do the papers hugged me and introduced me to one of his friends. That made me feel a lot better.

He comes in and he tells me, “Please don’t make plans for Saturday.” I was like, “Ok, I don’t really make plans aways because of the gas situation. What’s going on?” Apparently one of his co-worker’s S.O is having a birthday and he was invited and was told to bring me if we wanted. That made me smile too I’m not gonna lie. I’ve never really been taken out on dates, except for one with my ex.


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