Life as I know it.

So my back is killing me, and I feel very run down. Why you ask? Because my OCD tendencies kicked in. I decided today to rearrange the kitchen and clean the kitchen. So everything is in a place that we can access them easier, and more organized. I am trying to de-clutter my life. That and I know the clutter gets on my housemate’s nerves. We’ve had that talk.

Today I cleaned out the cupboard that was kind of like the catch all junk place. So we got that cleaned out and got that figured out and put away everything, cleaned up the rest of the kitchen and now am working on laundry. It all started because I went to get into the pantry to find something and I found empty package after empty package. I found the same in the fridge and looked at Kate and said “What the actual fuck?!”

So that got cleaned out and we laughed. I also said that because the coffee pot is on the left of the sink, and the coffee cups were on the right that we should get smart and put the cups over the coffee pot. She said yeah, that would work so we did that.

Basically we just became domestic goddesses today. Now its back to laundry for this girl!


On a side note, look at the cute ness:

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One thought on “Life as I know it.

  1. Come organize my kitchen. Dan ripped things apart and rearranged some cabinets and such right before I had surgery… so things are scattered and my anal retentive need for organization is going unsatisfied because I’m in to much pain, LOL.

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