I drank the sick kool aid.

My boyfriend was sick all last week, and while I was fighting really bad headaches and minor aches and pains by Friday I was in agony. Pure hell. Now? I’m irritable, in pain and I have no way to get to Urgent Care because of the gas situation. However tomorrow we have a full day of stuff planned so now is not the time for me to be getting sick.

However, nothing I have right now compares to poor Jenn who was in emergency surgery all day 🙁

I’ll be alright and I know that if push comes to shove I will be taken care of, so I’m not all that worried about it, I just feel like absolute crap. I just hope I didn’t get the bug he got.

I cooked a variation of my tatter tot casserole and of course the kids threw a fit they didn’t want it they didn’t like it so they aren’t going to eat it. I know it shouldn’t make me feel bad but it literally almost made me cry because this is a very child friendly meal and they wouldn’t even eat it. Well one of them did try it but didn’t eat all of it. The other didn’t even wanna try it. 🙁 I am in a foul enough emotional state that I just wanna cry.

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