The one with the Ferret for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So yesterday was kind of a blah day. Cory was sick, really sick and slept. We spent time together in the morning watching Myth Busters (because we are epic win like that.) and after that I came down and put together a set of drawers that Kate bought for MJ but he’s just too busy to put together. (And he didn’t wanna.) Well we’d been looking for a kitten so I got on the facebook’s animal site and I saw a friend of mine had found an abandoned Ferret and asked him for a color and picture. Well he never did post a picture but I ran in and told Kate, because she’s been wanting one. She texted Mj at work and we had it all planned out. The boys would go pick up the ferret while we got all dressed up for Valentine’s Dinner that the guys were cooking us. Kate had stashed wine for dinner (We don’t drink a lot, but we did want a nice wine with the dinner.) So we stuck them in the freezer for a few hours and got dressed up while they got the ferret. We both wore skirts and had make up and hair done. Well we set the table for a candle lit dinner and the guys came home and both of them stopped and said woah. I think they liked it.
So they cooked dinner and we sat and talked and drank wine. I drank one glass and some non alcoholic apple cider. Holy hell did it hit me hard! I ended up going to sleep super early which wasn’t my plans. I wanted cuddle and TV time with Cory. But instead I fell asleep. 🙁 Sad Panda.

Anyways, so dinner was cooked, and we toasted. All of us and then just Cory and I. It was very sweet. I’m very, happy and just so blessed that I found this guy in my life. There is a huge part of me that wonders if I had to go through all of the garbage with my ex’s to get to this point. And I wonder if it made me ready for someone that works hard and expects us to work hard too.


I really love my life and even thought I might wanna cry sometimes because there are these fears that I won’t belong anywhere and I finally do feel like I belong somewhere.  I belong here with these guys. So Cheers! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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