L-O-V-E is a word I never learned to pronounce.

Happy Valentine’s Day. I’ve had boyfriends for Valentine’s before. I had this entire thing planned and we ended up eating at McDonald’s because nothing went as planned. I’ve learned a lot about the ‘plans’ and ‘dreams’ that you have and the reality of it all. So I got a card for Cory and was more than happy just to wake up next to him another day.

I’ve been hurt a lot, and I didn’t think I could care for someone again as much as I do. But some how my heart mended and I found someone that I never thought I’d be with let alone find. Its not the same almost obsession as before but a friendship that turned into something more. I’m happy I really am.

So happy that my body decided to start my period four days early on the 12th instead of the normal 15th or 16th. Fuck you mother nature!

Nothing much has been going on really, just this or that here and there. Hanging out with Cory, Kate and Mj.

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