Snow, please hold off mkay?

Hello there, NEPA storm warnings! Today I was supposed to head up to Towanda to get my things from the apartment and from my Dad’s and there’s another winter storm warning for our area. Schools are getting let out early, places are closing down. Its currently not doing anything right now, which is nice. But I REALLY want my stuff!  Rawr.

Thankfully I never leave home with out my laptop, my Nook color and my Ipod Touch and Nano.  I worked a bit on my photography portfolio  this morning, made coffee and loaded the dish waster… annnd woke up with a migraine. I took three tylenol and laid on the couch for a bit. Chugger, my boyfriend’s huge elk hound golden lab mix, jumped on me and as soon as I said I have a head ache decided he was gonna snuggle with me. By snuggle I mean lick me until the boyfriend calls him off. Its cute. He’s a 10 month old puppy so he’s still learning.

I hate snow. Can I has summer already?  Please? No? Damn.

So I’m trying to get my stuff here, and the stupid weather has botched it again! GRAWR.

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