Babies having babies fighting to breast feed in school… what?

I’ve recently come across a fight for a fourteen year old child who wants to breastfeed her new born baby in a high school class room. Um I’m sorry but why should the school allow a child to breast feed their child and disrupt other children? Why spend the extra money that schools already need and don’t have to build accommodations for a child to breast feed her baby?

This is my honest opinion, but there is birth control, condoms, or even abstaining from sex there are preventative choices, and even adoption if a teen does get pregnant. (No, I’m not going to add abortion , that is a completely different debate.)  Condoms are free if you go to a clinic, as is STD testing and even birth control.  Birth control is also covered under every insurance for help with acne, cramps, severe PMS, and other things.. I was on birth control for years because of ovarian cysts. As a teenager.

You see a teenager has one job, to be a kid. To go to school, get an education and have fun. Maybe work to save for college and get good grades. If a teenager wants to have a child well then its time to head into big kid land. Yes home schooling is a viable option as is online or blended learning, however those options are there because they work, and you can still get a job. Babies are expensive, even if you do breast feed, (formula last priced for a friend yesterday was $20 a can.) you’re still having to buy diapers, clothing, blankets, bedding, cradles, cribs, dressers, car seats, plus medications, shots etc. Why glamorize a teen mom going to school, breast feeding and making it look easy?

When I was in high school there was two pregnant girls in my class. One of them gave birth Freshman year of high school and the other sophmore year. They were shamed, this was before the days of TV shows giving thousands of dollars to irresponsible teenagers who glorify being a teen mom. Let me tell you after meeting one of them and actually being in their lives for awhile and hearing all those behind the scenes none of them have it all together.

Being a Mommy or a Daddy is a full time job. Just like being a teenager is a full time job. Hell I’m 28 and I’m not sure if I want children right at this given moment in time because I don’t believe I’m ready. How the hell is a 16 year old kid going to convince anyone that they are ready?

I’m not judging or bashing. I do understand that sometimes accidents happen, rape happens, or hell even antibiotics  But instead of enabling bad life choices, why not fight for better education, making sure the choices are completely understood. Fighting for better health classes were every child and have one of those electronic babies to take home for awhile. Or better yet, let them work in a hospital voluntarily in NICU where they can see babies and what happens when the mother’s aren’t ready, are young, drug addicts, or if the mother’s have health issues. (Not all NICU babies end up there. My sister was a NICU baby because she was born with a double hernia.) No matter the reason having to be around these worried heart broken parents might help teens see the REAL side of life. Not the MTV side of life.

I sign a lot of petitions, but this is one I will not be signing. Children having Children is NOT a good idea. If you’re still a teenager legal or not, you have your whole life ahead of you, why rush things? Being an adult sucks at times. Being a kid… you can’t ever get that back.

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3 thoughts on “Babies having babies fighting to breast feed in school… what?

  1. Here’s my take on this: yes, this 14 year old should have practiced safer sex, or if she doubted the reliability of the birth control used, gone immediately to a pharmacy for Plan B. But she didn’t, and now she’s pregnant.

    I wholeheartedly agree that teenagers should not be having babies, that CHILDREN and their COMMUNITIES (parents, teachers, organizations such as churches and community centers) should be doing everything they can to educate on safe sex and provide the necessary tools to practice safe sex, since we all know that abstinence-only education does not work.

    But now she’s pregnant, and she’s having a baby. IF it would be possible for her to bring the baby to school — is there daycare? — then I don’t see why she can’t leave class to breastfeed as necessary; or, if the classrooms are set up in such a way, provide her with a separate desk/sitting area either near the door or all the way in the back, away from other students, so that she can breastfeed her baby while continuing to pursue her high school education.

    1. You know in all honesty I have never heard of a school having an on campus day care. That’s just my experience on it. However, there are school run blended schools that would make it a lot easier to care and bond with a child. There are even cases where if a health concern is present for any reason the teachers will go to the child’s home to tutor them and make sure their education is in tact. There should be a better education system then MTV. Just being honest. I know a lot of teens are scared of even asking questions and that’s where the community, parents and teachers as well as society as a whole should stop being so Puritanical about their views on sex. Forbidden fruit is always sweetest and with sex being so forbidden and often times sought out as a sin unless married- is just plain wrong.
      Now if the school had a day care, I’m sure arrangements could be made. At the same token how will she pay for it? Can she do volunteer work in the trade off for the child’s care? Day care isn’t ever free can something be worked out? If not why not? Is blended school the best option for the teen mother to work as well as go to school? Will she get bullied and called names for being a breast feeding mom?
      If all of those questions can be answered then yeah sure I’m game to see how it would go.

  2. My school had a lot of teen mothers (we were in the country, there wasn’t a lot to do, there wasn’t a lot of health education, there wasn’t a local Planned Parenthood, and a lot of the kids didn’t have insurance to get birth control). We did not have a day care, but we did have girls bring their babies to class from time to time (if they didn’t have a sitter for the day, etc.). One girl was breastfeeding and ran out of milk (she usually pumped). She was excused to go to the bathroom and feed the baby. It wasn’t a huge deal and didn’t disrupt class. The fact is, this girl is a mom whether it’s appropriate at her age or not. By wanting to breastfeed, she is wanting to provide her child with the best that she can. If she can pump, she should. If she can’t, and the school has a day care, there is no reason she shouldn’t be allowed to go feed the kid. However, I DON’T think she should be able to feed him in the classroom, simply because it would open a whole new can of internationally newsworthy worms.

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