Annnd I’m back.

Sorry about the suspendedness of my blog. I thought a payment had gone through on my greendot card and apparently it didn’t go through and when I went to grab the card it was gone. So I just waited until I got paid to pay the bill for two months instead of just the one on a card that I knew would work.

So what’s going on in the world of Karyn? Well I’ve recently started a relationship with a great guy and we are now living together with his family. I came down after a huge mess with a friend, and I stuck around because it was SO EFFING COLD that I wouldn’t breathe when I went outside. That doesn’t bode well in trying to drive myself the 44 miles home. Well K my boyfriend C’s cousin flat out said that she thinks I should move in. So as soon as my effing car gets fixed I’m going to go up and grab my things from the places they are out.

So yes my car is broken down again, the garage that had inspected it did warn me that my car will need a new ignition. Well my boyfriend is a subaru mechanic and thankfully he took a second look and what would have cost me several hundred dollars is now costing me $3. So I’m grateful for that. Very grateful.

I’m really happy with my life right now. Dad’s still not talking to me which is sad. He can’t figure out why I refuse to have my ex step mom in my life, and its simple really. She compromises my sanity and happiness and I’m sorry but I just can’t accept negative people in my life right now. AT ALL. I want to remain happy and with her in my life it just wouldn’t happen.

K and I are all about pinterest’s food section and trying to get our own recipe book complied of things we want to try, things we like and a shopping list going. I’m pretty excited for this. I LOVE to cook and bake, I may not be the best at it, but hey its worth a shot right? What’s the worst that could happen? Wait never mind don’t answer that.

A lot of what we are trying to do is get a healthier menu options around. Sure we have a lot of deserts and alcohol recepies but we’re thinking those for family get togethers and what not.  This is a rather large family so we’re trying to get cheap cook out ideas or maybe idea’s for pot lucks later on.

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