Car Drama *Le Sigh*

I switched insurance companies around August because the one I was using was round $20 more expensive a month then the one I picked out. Well apparently that’s wrong to switch agencies with out giving reason for the old agency for leaving. They reported me to Pen Dott. I had no idea until I returned to the state of Pennsylvania from Michigan and got pulled over for a missing head light. The cop was nice enough to tell me to get it fixed but it was too late, the plates had to get pulled. My father gave me another car for my birthday and on Jan 3 I got insurance (esurance is amazing by the way.) and I went out with friends for my birthday. On the way home I had decided to take a short cut and got stuck in a snow bank over night. Not my favorite way to spend nights… the next day my sister fell on the ice at work and needed to go to the ER.

Once we got done there we went to Rite Aid to get her medication and we got ran into by an older woman in a huge GMC truck who decided to flip her shit on me saying I hit her. How the hell am I supposed have hit her when my foot was on the break and I was waiting for her to pass so I could go by? REALLY?! Well not only did I go home and file the claim I also ended up having to take my sister back to the ER because her shoulder had gotten injured in the accident. That got reported as well and I spent the weekend with my S.O. and his family. I had a lot of fun and I realized that he’s a good guy and he likes me SCORE.

I got home Tuesday and had to put the car into the garage because Pen Dott demands that you get your car inspected ten days after it gets transfered to a new owner. So the car is in the garage and I am with out a car (again) and I’m fuming. So far 2013 hasn’t been that great of a year… oh well at least it didn’t start off with a Friday the 13th and a dear friend dying… So I’m thankful for that at least.

So my insurance is paying for my sister’s medical bills with no fight, and she’s getting a lawyer to go after the woman that hit us. Did I mention she’s yet to file a claim but apparently has gotten a rental and her truck in the garage. Must be nice to have that kind of money. So I was interrogated like it was my fault by the other insurance company and she acted like a fucking moron, excuse my french, but she did.  And was told she wanted to talk to my sister. I’m hoping to get a check rather soon to cover at least the damages from the car.

The PA state police? No help. NONE. Told me it was an unreportable crime and they weren’t showing up. So I got screwed out of a police report. I’m so upset because I had plans damn it.

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