An amazing weekend.

A friend of mine, K, texted me Saturday and said “Hey you know, my cousin is single and I’m pretty sure he’s got a crush on you.” I told her (since she’s one of my best friends she know’s about the rape and henceforth issues.) to tell C about the issues and complications with the rape. And if that was ok with him to give him my number and he could text me. I went to bed with pretty low hopes since my last blog entry explains so much of what its truly like. Not only did she read him that blog entry but she had a talk with him and I woke up Sunday morning for church, because of feeling so lost recently I figured it might be a good idea for some positive balance, with a text message from C. I was so happy. I’d made plans with K and MJ to come visit since I hadn’t been down since I’d come home.

Well I came down and we were all talking and K says that it’s fine if I crash there since it was well after 11 pm by the time we realized what time it was. So C took me by the hand and we went up stairs. We had our first kiss in the kitchen and we cuddled most of the night. He wasn’t pushy and we talked. It was so nice to have a guy to actually talk.

So I’m going down at some point of my birthday to hang out. I’m really excited over the fact that there’s a guy that likes me, understands and at my darkest hours manages to really get the fact that I’m not just another girl that can be hurt. The second night I was there we made a promise to each other to always be open and honest with each other and if one of us was made, we’d talk to each other. We both agree to take things slow, and since I’m already a friend of the family it makes things a lot easier. K is rooting for us and MJ has us married off already. Its cute really.

So here’s to hoping for the best!

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