Winter Wonder(hell) 2013

The snow fell and fell and fell. I hate fucking snow. I hate it with a passion. NO SNOW. I hate driving in it. I can’t stand being around it. We got over a foot. Well I got my car two days ago and officially got it stuck in the snow. Over night. I was stranded there with a dead cell phone and ended up having to dig my car out and keep it running so I’d have heat. Thank god I put a full tank of gas in it. Well the next morning I turned on my phone (don’t ask me why it refused to turn on the night before.) and I had enough battery to send out S.O.S signals and got rescued.

Then I had to pick up my sister from work because she fell on the ice and hurt her back pretty bad. We’re sitting in the Rite Aid parking lot and an old lady see’s me pulling out and pulls in behind me in the lane I was on. I was out enough that I’d come to a stop to let her by and she hits the back end of my car. I JUST got the damn thing. So I reported it to my insurance and the lady tried to blame it on me. I had a witness in my car and she had no one. No one stepped forward to say yes I saw this. So I called the state police and they said its just something I’m going to have to report to the insurance companies. Told her that I wanted her information and if my sister ended up back at the hospital because of her ignorance I’d sue for pain and suffering and medical. I’m so furious. The car clearly was hit and the direction of the bumper’s damage clearly says that the woman hit me and kept right on going. When I got out of my car with my cell phone in my hand to call the state police she came back around and said that I ran into her. I very calmly said no, that she ran into me and that I have a witness in the car that just left the ER because of a back injury and she just made it worse. I got her information and reported it to the insurance company and if my sister has to go to the ER that’ll get reported too.

GAH. I forgot how bad it sucks sometimes to have a car. Oh well. At least I have one. Soon I’ll be able to go visit Amanda and Jenn!

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