Parent themes, working on blogs, and pulling out of the hair.

So Nichole gave me this idea to get gensis parent theme and the child themes. She’d been having problems with hers so I decided to give it a shot and figure out what to do. My side bars had the same issue of being all kinds of messed up. I had to delete the sidebars from every widget and move them into one of the side bars that supports. No big. So far I’m loving the clean cut themes and how adorable they are!

I love working on blogs I really do. Sometimes thought I just want to pull my hair out! Mostly because I need my eyes checked and staring at a the Macbook screen still gives me a headache. But in the end its worth it.

Jet made an amazing dinner last night and there’s enough for left overs. This morning I had a small side salad for breakfast and coffee. I know not the most protein enriched food but I was craving some serious vegi’s. (Peppers mainly.) I ended up passing back out. I could not wake up. I did take my vitamins and my thryoid medications before I passed out. I think New Year’s Eve took more out of me than I thought.

Right now I’m waiting for ‘Pitch Perfect’ to load. So I can watch then. Then its time to head phone for a bit to eat then I have no idea what’s going on. Maybe a nap?

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