Reading, Life and the End of the World.

Well today was supposed to be the end of the world. Well it didn’t happen. Surprise there. We really have got to stop, as a human race being so hyped up about the end of days, and start living better in general. Just saying.
The past few days have been spent reading the Witch and Wizard series by James Patterson (et al.) and I must say that those books are rather scary. A bunch of kids trying to be killed because of their gifts? And a New Order that could become a reality one day? Yup count me out.  But yeah I went to the library and got honest to god actual books. I know shocking right? I have a Nook Color why would I want a book? Because its so much more satisfying to turn a page once in awhile.
I’ve also been going out on dates recently and its either my weight loss, or the new found confidence that has made me a guy magnet. I’m torn right now between two guys and let me tell you that this is not an easy task for me to deal with. Because these guys are two very different from each other guys and I like them for opposite reasons. AHHH!
We were at the local food pantry today because with bills we are in need of some help. I’m waiting for my access card and let me say that is no easy task. I WANT it now. and I’m getting pissed that I have to wait to get it in the mail. Because we NEED the food in the house. So off to the food pantry we went, and there were over 50 people there. Local families that can’t make it through the holidays between Christmas giving and bills because of rent being so high. And yet no landlord is waking up and lowering their rent. They want gas guys and only gas guys. Its sad really. I mean REALLY sad. Children going with out, families that are working their asses off but can’t afford the extra food. Its heart breaking. We can keep giving money to other countries or we can start fixing what’s going on in America. Not both.
Other than that in the weight loss department I began wearing a belt that has holes all the way around the belt, so it should last me awhile. I began wearing it I was on the 4th hole. Last night I refastened it and it was on the 10th hole. I also went from a size 44DD to a 38 C. Sad because of the loss of boobage, but really excited that my clothing can now be bought at Kmart and Walmart because I’m now a size 20.
I bought myself a new pair of boots at pay-less too. Which was muchly needed and they originally were $58 bucks on sale for $24. WIN! I love sales. I also got a new phone case for my phone, a present for one of the guys I like for Christmas and hopefully I’ll be able to see them soon.

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